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to Jun 26

Floorlords 35th Anniversary


Bboy Judges: Roxrite (Renegade Rockers) , Float (Incredible Breakers), Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali)

All Styles Judges: Shallow (Boston MA) Kaylin (Denver, CO) Lee Boogie (Providence RI - All City Rockers)

Djs: Lean Rock, Fleg, and B Ryan

2vs2 Breakin' and All styles Battles

Bboy prize $600

All styles Prize $400

Concept: Battle with your crewmate regular format. If you make it to top 8, all 16 dancers names will be mixed in a hat and randomized. Quater final, Semi Final and Final will all be randomly picked by the crowd until we have a winner.

United Styles 12


Venue: Hard Rock Cafe - 22-24 Clinton Street, Boston,MA 02109
Time - 2pm -9pm
Admission: $25 at the door
$20 if you buy tickets online at
tickets will be available soon!

Judges: Wicked (Phaze ll), Adverse (Knuckleheads Cali), Box Won (Beast Coast)

3 v 3 Bboy/Bgirl Battle first prize $1,500
3 checks of $500
2nd prize $750.00 3 checks of $250
3rd prize $450.00 3 checks of $150.00
4th prize $450.00 3 checks of $150.00

Exhibition Battle #1: Bboy Divine (Problems Kru, CT) vs Bboy Thriller (Raw Dominicans Crew, NYC/DR)

Exhibition battle #2: Bboy Dux-M (Raw Dominicans/ACR, DR) vs Bboy Pop (Street Masters Crew, NYC)

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