Ivan Cofield


Ivan "Heat Rock One" Cofield was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His skills are self-taught, inspired by movies and music videos he began watching at age twelve. As a teenager, he participated in school talent shows and local dance competitions. Upon graduation from high school, he journeyed to Boston, MA to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology, later to complete his degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. While attending college in Massachusetts, Ivan joined The Floorlords Crew. With the FloorLords, he became immersed in the true culture of HipHop and dance. Since his time with the FloorLords, he has performed and competed throughout the world. Ivan has performed for MTV and Newbury Comics.  He has also opened for Fresh Fest with Slick Rick, Duggie Fresh and Naughty By Nature. In 2010, he left the FloorLords to expand his knowledge of dance. In 2011, he became a founding member of Del Fuego Wolfpack. With his new group, continues to travel to new and interesting places, teaching and competing. He now resides in New York, pursuing a life as an artist and dancer.

Yes, that's me dancing in Sinead Harnett's video "Do It Anyway". It's funny how one day you're just walking down the streets of New York and land a music video. This video also features one of my Del Fuego Wolfpack brothers Johan Santan.

So much fun shooting this video with my New York friends. This video features Samian and DJ Horg from Montreal also Supreme Beings Crew and my self killing the B-Boying. It rained but it didn't stop us from rocking out. Thank you Melika Dez for shooting this video.

No words can describe the outcome of this video. After a full day of shooting the result was well worth it. Sinkane's hit video "How We Be" features Del Fuego Wolfpack (my crew), Brian Pistals, Yunnie and myself. We enjoyed every moment of filming. Thank you Sinkane!!!!

One of my favorite battles featuring New York's Streets Apes Crew, and Del Fuego Wolfpack (Yunnie and I) with Frostalino from Toronto. Good times on the dance floor.

What can I say... We killed it. This was a huge highlight of my life. To win one of the worlds largest dance competitions with my partner in crime Snap 2 was nothing but amazing. Paris was an amazing and fun time for us both.

Please check out these hight light off some of my greatest TOPROCK moments.