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Breaks Crew Ani!!!

I had nothing but an amazing time. This jam is always a good time and worth the cost. Can't believe its been a whole year. Congrats guys keep doing your thing Breaks Crew. A lot of old faces and pioneers came to show their love a support. I was honored to compete at this even. Always a good vibe and plenty of room and time to get down. The music selection was interesting. We we were blessed with a lot of new and original beats. I must say each track was dope. Not a moment passed where people were not dancing. Everyone represented to their fullest. Good battles.

I was later informed that I battled a two Red Bull BC One finalist. I must admit I had no clue and was completely shocked to find out. During the battle, I danced against him as if he was a random person. It's funny how the mind works. No fear when you have no idea. But nervous when you're thinking about who you going up against when it's a "big name." The finals was special moment for me. A long time friend and I finally battled one on one. Even though he took the victory we were both winners that day. Thank you Jay for the love and support and keep up the good work bro.

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