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This trip was nothing but amazing. Talk about random moments. Chilling with my Montreal crew and family Cypher Sons there is never a dull moment. Joined by NicksOne and Intact we found ourselves interacting with some interesting characters. Nick K and Nick Wons showed use love through out our stay. Mad love to those boys. THe follow day I did a photo shoot for Funk and Furious clothing. Talk about a find. NicksOne had the idea for a grimy run-down look. We got way more than what he asked for. We stumbled upon an build dedicated to old junk. We found anything from hospital equipment to a 1980's Corvette. This place was beyond creepy. Talk about tied up and hacked up. To end the week I enter "Can I Get A Soul Clap" with my Cypher Sons family. Also enter the all styles battle with my dance sista NENE. Also auctioning off my art work for $200. Amazing and fun times.

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